The GardenDonkey developer Brad Martin is a long time professional landscaper, farmer, and gardener who resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  He takes pride in being a student of nature and developing revolutionary new techniques for use in the landscape field and at home.  Since his first childhood job pulling weeds for neighbors, countless hours have been spent learning, researching, and experimenting with weed control, pruning, and general gardening.   The focus of his career has been helping people. 

After many years in the landscape field fighting weeds, he noticed that many people in the industry were using ineffective tools that have remained unchanged for nearly 80 years.  In addition to antiquated tools, they were using large amounts of chemicals to try to control weeds.  Seeing that as the industry standard, he became a licensed pesticide applicator so that chemicals could be used.  After a few seasons of following industry trends of "bombing" everything with chemicals, only marginal success was achieved.  This began a journey to find better tools.  After searching locally and on line, there was very little available in the industry except gimmicks and low quality tools that aren't effective and don't last.  This led to thousands of hours spent fabricating and field testing tools in all types of landscape and gardening applications.

 One of his passions is providing the best tools for people to easily control weeds in outdoor spaces without the use of toxic chemicals.  Due to the demand for these services, he founded a company to innovate and manufacture the best weed management tools in the market place, and still operates a landscape company to enable him to field test each and every tool prior to making it available.  His innovative and creative approach to simplifying weed control has led to success in both the landscape and tool production industries.