Garden Donkey™ Hoe


Garden Donkey™ Hoe


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-Highly effective long handled weed removal hoe for home gardeners, landscapers, and virtually anyone who seeks chemical free weed control through complete weed removal.

-Removes weeds, cultivates, levels and loosens soil, spot weeds, and prepares garden and vegetable beds.

-Only tool in its class that performs two jobs at once.

-Design features multiple points of contact with the soil to break up soil before the main body of the tool contacts weeds.

-Globally sourced Asian hardwood handles that resist water and weather damage.

-5 ½” wide tempered steel blade that never has to be replaced.

-Tempered steel head parts for long lasting durability

-Commercial grade tool designed and field tested by professional landscapers.

-Removes weeds, plants, grass, and unwanted vegetation roots.

-Removes weeds intact for maximum control instead of just cutting them off allowing regrowth.